All you need to know about Rotisserie Motors

Rotisserie Motors – The Basics

Rotisserie Motors – The Basics

There are literally dozens of styles and different types of a rotisserie motor for almost any type of outdoor and barbecue cooking one can imagine. These motors are available in portable models that will connect to 100 volt power sources, and stationary models that can be hard wired into an electrical circuit. They are also available in battery powered models that will work almost anywhere.

A rotisserie motor is rated according to torque per inch pounds, which translates to the motors capacity to turn the food at a slow rate of speed, consistently over a period of time. They are designed to turn within the mean range of revolutions, which is 3 to 8 times per minute. Selecting the right motor for your needs is only a matter of some research or discussion with a knowledgeable salesperson.


These motors are designed to work with charcoal grills, wood grills and will also work outdoors or in a kitchen. In addition, there are accessory attachments that will mount the motor for rotisserie use with an outdoor stove. In fact, any cooking piece of cooking equipment that has a suitable chassis can be outfitted with a portable motor.

Some of the larger portable electric motors in the 60 to 120lb torque range have a variable speed control and will accommodate ½” skewers. These motors are an excellent choice for larger cuts of meat and even whole turkeys.

There are both single and variable speed models to choose from and most of these larger motors are housed in hardy, stainless steel boxes with a watertight cord reveal.

The medium range, deluxe models are available in stainless and hard polymer housings, and most are rated in the 20 to 50 pound range. These are lighter weight, single speed, 110 volt motors and they feature a fingertip control on / off switch. The power cords for these models are most often 6’ in length, with a 3 prong, household plug. Polymer casings are durable and fine for light usage such as hot dog and burger type barbecue cooking.

For the camping enthusiast, there are several reliable battery powered motors available. These motors are housed in hard polymer casings and boast durability, as well as ample duration and torque to turn a decent cut of meat for the outdoor

Overall a you can find a motor online or at home centers are priced affordable and will provide satisfaction in performance if they are used correctly.

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